Taylor Swift's music video for the sunny LGBTQ+ anthem "You Need to Calm Down" was a long time coming. The singer and her star-studded music video have been dropping Easter eggs since early May 2019, and we were none-the-wiser. Taylor Swift is the undisputed queen of dropping hints. Her music videos are often a web of clues about songs fans have yet to hear, and Swifties love to try to figure out just how deep the rabbit hole goes. In Swift's music video for "Me!", the debut single from her seventh studio album, fans got the first glimpse of the second single's title when Brendan Urie rolled his eyes and said, "You need to calm down" in French. In fact, Swift even slyly revealed the album title in the colorful music video. The word "Lover" can be seen on a neon sign behind the unicorn building ledge where Swift sits in her pink, rufflely, waterfall dress. In the music video for "You Need to Calm Down," it's likely that Swift has dropped more clues about future Lover tracks - notably a possible song called "Love Letters Only" and another possible tune called "Cruel Summer." The words "Love Letters Only" can be seen inscribed on the mailbox around the one minute, ten second mark - and the phrase "Cruel Summer" is seen getting tattooed on Ellen DeGeneres' arm around the two-minute mark. Watch the video for more Small Details You Missed In Taylor Swift's 'You Need To Calm Down'. #TaylorSwift #YouNeedToCalmDown #LGBTQ More song title hints? | 0:13 Hayley Kiyoko on track five? | 1:03 The number 13 strikes again | 1:42 The beef is over | 2:24 Referencing her Nicki Minaj feud? | 3:05 'Mom, I am a rich man' | 4:07 Ryan Reynolds' Stonewall Inn painting | 4:32

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